Warren County Career Academy Mission

The mission of the Warren County High School and the Career Academy is to promote academic and career success for students. The Warren County High School Career Academy is aligned with mission and goals outlined in the Career Academy National Standards of Practice and included the following six specific goals. (1) To provide a seamless career program from elementary to middle to high school to the technical college with entry into the identified pathways at the high school level, followed by dual/joint enrollment at the off campus Career Academy Center to further support the appropriate preparation for student success throughout school and into employment. (2) To continue to utilize career outlook research and local information as the proposal is implemented and additional career pathways are designed and made available. (3) To enhance student interest and achievement in school through the offering of structured application/performance-based career pathways. (4) To offer a rigorous and relevant curriculum that could lead to attainment of a college degree, diploma with career preparation that could lead to employment and/or possibly industry relevant credentialing. (5) To provide opportunities for shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships in the community and surrounding areas to expose students to the career options and offer relevant employment experiences to enhance classroom instruction and student interest. (6) To develop an implementation plan to include program expansion as industry moves into the area or existing industry expands, job opportunities become available, and pathways of study are developed further or refined.