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Warren Always Values Education

M. E. Freeman Elementary School

M. E. Freeman Families,


     Welcome back to the new school year! As you know, Dr. Hill has been promoted to the position of assistant superintendent and will no longer be at Freeman. He will be missed! I will be the new principal at Freeman and am very excited! Having started in the Warren County School System in 1999, I have loved every minute of being here, teaching your children, and working with the Freeman families. I pledge to you that our commitment to excellence in education will remain unwavering.

     Dr. Hill and I moved Ms. Marissa Markyna into the new position of lead teacher. Ms. Markyna was one of our fifth grade teachers, and she is looking forward to her new responsibilities in the office as she takes on most of the duties I had as assistant principal.

     Another change we will see this year is the implementation of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. These are the English/Language Arts and Math standards that have been developed by a group of educators from across the country in an attempt to standardize education in the United States. Fortunately, Georgia was at the forefront of this effort and our previous standards were not far off the mark, so we will not see as much of a change as some states – but there will be some. Our teachers will be working hard writing units to ensure our students get the very best we have to offer.

     Our Open House this year will be Thursday, August 2, from 4:00 – 6:00. We would encourage everyone to join us and meet your child’s new teacher or teachers.

     Just as important as Open House is Orientation. Each grade level will have an Orientation Meeting to give you an overview of what to expect for the school year, their procedures, and the new standards. This is a very important time. This year we will have a competition among the grade levels and the class with the most parent participation will receive a party. The dates for the Orientation Meetings are:

5th – August 7 at 4:00

4th – August 8 at 4:00

3rd – August 9 at 4:00

2nd – August 14 at 4:00

1st – August 15 at 4:00

Kindergarten – August 16 at 4:00


     This year we will continue our Perfect Attendance incentives for students as well as our Lions of the Month. These were two very successful incentives encouraging positive behaviors from our students. I plan to start a new weekly 5th grade small group Lunch with the Principal in which each 5th grader will be able to participate. We encourage you to give us ideas to help our students strive to do their very best. In addition, I would like to solicit your help for specific needs at our school. We will begin a recycling campaign this year and would like a volunteer to make a run to the recycling center in Thomson once or twice a month. If you’re interested, give me a call. We also need mentors to spend time with our students encouraging them and helping them to grow academically and behaviorally. There are other things you can do to be involved here at the school; please call me if you would like to get plugged in!


Looking forward to a great year,

Kathy Hinesley

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M. E. Freeman Elementary School
93 Hopgood Street
Warrenton, GA 30828
Phone: (706) 465-3342

Kathy Hinesley, Principal

Marissa Markyna, Lead Teacher






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