Principal Message to Community

Dear Community,
    We are excited about the new school year. We have an AMAZING faculty and staff returning to work with the youngest in our community; they are a faculty and staff totally dedicated to their work to help our students become the best they can be.
    This year we are welcoming a new art teacher as Mrs. McCavitt was given an opportunity she could no pass up and resigned in June. We have also lost Mr. Brown as he is moving into the High School History position vacated by Mr. Harris who is our new High School principal. That move stated a chain of events and once all the dust settled, several teachers have made grade level changes, and we have hired Cheryl Loungeway as an addition to our 4th grade team to teach Science and Social Studies. Coach Johnson moved to a position closer to his home, so Coach Jennings has moved into the PE position, and we welcome Rosemary Bray to our special education department. In addition, Becky Corley is returning to us to teach the EXCEL gifted and honors program.
   Many of our teachers have truly taken on teacher leader responsibilities as they have volunteered to work on areas of our school that are strengths for them and that will allow me to be in classrooms more. Some examples of what they have already done are:

     * Several teachers helped me with the planning and implementation of Teacher Appreciate Week
     * Two teachers worked on updating our Master Schedule for the 2019-19 School Year
     * One teacher worked on extending our phonics model into 2nd Grade using 1st Grade framework

You can tell our Freeman Family is working Hard. In addition, some of the the teachers attended a Google Training event to help them use computers more efficiently with their students to get them more engaged with their learning.

Principal Kathy Hinesley

   2017-18 Teacher of the Year

    Mrs. Jones-Ivey has been teaching in the Warren County School System for 20 years. Teaching is more than a job to her; it is an art and a calling to give back to the community she credits for making her the strong, determined, and spirited teacher she is today. Mrs. Jones-Ivey has come full circle, teaching and inspiring students in the same school she attended as a child. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Augusta State University, she began her career teaching third grade at Mildred E. Freeman Elementary School in 1999, where she has remained and currently teaches fourth grade.             Mrs. Jones-Ivey went on to gain a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Augusta State University in 2007.
Mrs. Jones-Ivey exemplifies an accomplished educator with demonstrated abilities to teach, motivate, and direct students while maintaining high interest and achievement. By being a long-term active member of the community, she is able to effectively interact with diverse populations of students at a variety of academic levels. Her many years of experience consistently help her to maintain excellent relations with students, parents, faculty, and administrators. Mrs. Jones-Ivey hopes to continue to be an outstanding teacher by staying self-motivated with strong planning, organizational and leadership skills. She feels that one of the many special things about the Warren County School System is the sense of purpose and teamwork among staff. It's a pleasure to be part of this learning environment.