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February 2022 News

THANK YOU for making our inaugural Student-Led Teacher Conferences such a success!!! We received encouraging and positive feedback from parents and saw some excellent conversations between them and their children. Our students were able to clearly articulate their grades, progress, and goals. This event would not have been possible without all of our teachers and students hard work and our parents support. THANK YOU!

***A special thanks to Kayce Tyler for putting in the behind-the-scenes work planning for this event!

:Here is some feedback from the parent surveys:

"This allowed my son to be more comfortable informing me about the areas he needs more help."

"The session allowed the students private time to share with their parent and I think it was an amazing experience."

"She did excellent being that she's so shy. She really opened up."

"I really enjoyed this style and look forward to more."

Cortez Wilder

Cortez, a WCMS 8th grade student, is an aspiring entrepreneur! Check out his GBG (Go Be Great) Clothing and his interview with his teacher, Mrs. Jones, below!

In recognition of Black History Month, this week, Mrs. Jones’ ELA class have been highlighting prominent African American figures past and present. Yesterday, she had the great joy to highlight one of her own students, Cortez Lebron Wilder!!

Cortez is an aspiring young African American entrepreneur!!! He is an 8th grader at Warren County Middle School, and the owner of GBG (Go Be Great) Clothing. Mrs. Jones’ had to pleasure interviewing Cortez and learning more about his business.

Mrs. Jones: What inspired you to develop your idea/ brand GBG (Go Be Great) Clothing?

Cortez: My brother and I were inspired to create “Go Be Great Clothing” to give kids and even adults motivation. It is important for them to know in hard times and even in a pandemic that they still can be great.

Mrs. Jones: How long have you been in business?

Cortez: We have been in business for almost 2 1/2 months.

Mrs. Jones: What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

Cortez: The challenge I had to overcome was people telling me my plan wasn’t going to work out.

Mrs. Jones: What is unique about your business?

Cortez: My business is unique because its purpose is to motivate and inspire!

Mrs. Jones: What advice would you give your peers or someone who is trying to become a young entrepreneur?

Cortez: Make sure you have vision, an audience to promote it, and give examples.

Mrs. Jones: How do you define success?

Cortez: Success is setting a goal and accomplishing it! To get where I am today, I had to fight through the negativity and doubts.

Mrs. Jones: What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

Cortez: The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is making different colors and designs for others. I’ve also enjoyed the positive feedback from my customers.

Mrs. Jones: What are you working on now? Do you have any new designs that you will be releasing soon?

Cortez: I’m currently working on launching new designs, shirts, masks, and crew necks.

We are so proud of you at WCMS Cortez!!! Continue to BE GREAT!!! #GoBeGreat #GBG

Contest Winners

Counselor's Challenge to WCMS students:

Write your Life's Mission Statement

Destiny Tucker won 1st place, $50; Cortez Wilder won 2nd place, $20. Congratulations to these two students for their accomplishments!!

Thank you to all participants!!